13 - 16 November 2014

Nature-Health Fair

45th Nature-health Fair more 

23-24 January 2015

7th Informativa, Education and Career Fair

7th Education and Career Fair, going on before the National Open-Door Days, presenting different vocations, slovenian and foreign educational programmes, and other information regarding education and vocational or career orientation. more 

23 January 2015

4th Business Informativa, Crossroads of Business and Professional Education

The 4th one-day conference event with different business and professional lectures, presentations and workshops and. more 

26–28 March 2015

9th Collecta, International Collectors Fair

9th International Collectors Fair, bringing together slovenian and foreign collectors and traders of small collecting items, such as stamps, coins, postcarsds, vinyl records and CDs… more 

17–20 September 2015

10th Otroški bazar Ljubljana, Family Fair Event

The biggest family fair in Slovenia presents a rich offer of playgrounds, toys, sports and school equipment for children, family tourism, furniture, accompanied with cultural and educational programme. more uses cookies to provide a better user experience. Please indicate whether you allow the use of this technology.
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